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We offer advanced radiological technology for the benefit of our patients. Radiology is an amazing tool that allows us to understand the intricacies of patients’ bodily systems, and refers to the use of energy waves to view inside of the body to diagnose disease. One of the major benefits of radiology is that it is non-invasive and pain free. A few decades ago, a veterinarian may have had to perform a surgery to answer diagnostic questions which are now easily answered with radiology.

At Shawnee Veterinary Hospital, we have access to two forms of radiology:

Digital X-rays use x-ray waves to create an image of the musculoskeletal system of the patient. As they pass through the body, the distribution of the waves imprints onto the x-ray image and tells us valuable information about the internal structures. In the past, traditional film x-rays required more time and were less precise. Digital x-rays are created faster, which means your pet does not have to sit still as long. They also have a better image quality, and can be sent and stored electronically with ease if your case is complex and requires the opinion of a specialist. X-rays can aid in the diagnosis of bone fractures, arthritis, pneumonia, and more.

Shawnee Animal Hospital is equipped with three cutting edge digital x-ray systems. Overall, digital imaging allows our doctors to make more confident diagnosis.

Ultrasound uses sound waves to define images of internal structures of the body, such as soft tissues and fluid-filled structures. The images created by ultrasounds are real-time videos, so they can be crucially helpful for understanding malfunctions of internal systems. Often, the information learned from ultrasounds can be complementary to x-ray investigations. Ultrasounds can sometimes offer diagnoses, which x-rays cannot. Ultrasounds are particularly useful for the diagnoses and analysis of abdominal diseases, pregnancy, heart problems, some forms of cancer, and more.

In most cases anesthesia or sedation is not necessary to perform radiological procedures, unless the pet is aggressive or highly anxious. Our medical team has years of experience gently keeping pets still by talking softly to them, petting them, and giving them treats for a job well done.

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