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allergy testing & dermatology

Does your pet frequently scratch, bite at their skin, or try to itch themselves? Do they have dry, rough, or scaly patches of skin? Do they seem bothered by their skin or fur frequently?

At Shawnee Animal Hospital, we are here to help end the uncomfortable cycle of dermatological issues, such as allergies, autoimmune diseases, infections, dermatitis, parasites, tumors, and skin cancer. These issues can make your pet irritable, and severally distressed. Our clinical team will help you to take steps on the road to relief by first diagnosing the underlying issue.

If we suspect your pet has an allergy, we can pinpoint the allergy with a simple test. The most common allergies in pets are flea allergies, food allergies, and atopy, which is the predisposition to an allergy caused by substances that are inhaled or make contact with the skin. Atopy can be created by pollen, grass, dander, mold, or even house dust. Allergy testing is most often used to identify the specific allergens at the root of a pet’s atopy.

Once the allergens have been identified, your veterinarian can proceed with the appropriate treatment. Treatments for allergies can range from injections, to medications, to special diets, to simple avoidance of the allergen if possible.

If it is determined that the root cause of the issue is not an allergy, we may have to do further diagnostic work to pinpoint the problem with the help of our in-house laboratory.

Whether your pet has an allergy, a separate underlying issue, or a combination of factors at play, we understand that each pet is unique. This is why your input as your pet’s caretaker is invaluable for diagnosis. Pay attention to when they are most irritated or inflamed and their symptoms. Together, we can create a plan of action for helping your pet feel better again.

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