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Veterinary chiropractic care has been widely used on racing horses and greyhounds, and is rapidly becoming more popular as people realize the amazing benefits it can deliver for their pets. In recent years, people have begun to increasingly seek out veterinary benefits for their companion animals beyond just vaccinations or sick treatment. Alternative therapies such as veterinary chiropractic have become increasingly popular as people seek to further invest in their pet’s overall happiness, health, and wellbeing.

Veterinary chiropractic, similar to human chiropractic, is the practice of manually treating the spinal column and relating neuro-musculo-skeletal system. Veterinary chiropractors study the important “links” of the spine between the muscles, the joints, and the nerves. The spinal cord is a critically important area of the body because it links all of the nerves, muscles, and joints to the brain. If a vertebra is inflamed, misaligned, or immoveable, it cannot communicate to the nerves properly and the extending nervous system will be affected.

Experiences such as trauma, overuse, or underuse can cause issues to the vertebrae, and even well pets can benefit from being realigned. But, the most commons reason pet owner’s seek out chiropractic services are related to chronic pain and performance. Chiropractic can be extremely useful for increasing mobility and relieving pain because both elements are controlled by the nervous system. In addition, other reported benefits of chiropractic care include improved immune function, a healthy metabolism, and an increased rate of healing.

The process of veterinary chiropractic is non-surgical, non-invasive, and drug free. The goal is to help your pet’s body restore and heal by attending to the natural correct alignment of the spine and joints.

Animal chiropractic can only be performed after the veterinarian/veterinary chiropractic has formally diagnosed a condition, examined the animal’s gait, symptoms, and posture, and done a preliminary exam.

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