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Complete Health Examinations

The foundation of your pet’s wellness visit is a nose-to-tail physical examination. A physical exam alone can reveal much about your pet’s health, and can help your veterinarian decide if your pet needs any further tests. During your pet’s exam, your veterinarian will evaluate their weight, skin, coat, eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, listen to the heart and lungs for abnormalities, and feel the muscles, joints, lymph nodes, and abdomen for signs of concern.

We recommend that pets receive at least one wellness examination a year. If your animal companion has a health condition, is a senior, or is still growing, more frequent wellness exams may be warranted. For all pets, we also recommend at least one fecal exam yearly to ensure that they are free of harmful, pesky parasites.

If you think that your pet may be overdue or coming due for their annual wellness exam, please call 405-275-0990 to schedule an appointment today. Together, we can achieve the happiest and healthiest life possible for your pet.

wellness screening tests

As part of a complete wellness examination, your veterinarian will often recommend wellness screening tests, including urinalysis, complete blood count, and thyroid hormone testing. For older pets, we recommend more comprehensive, more frequent testing, because the risk for many diseases rises with age.

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