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If you are planning on travelling with your pet, we recommend scheduling an appointment to obtain a health travel certificate as soon as possible.

Our veterinarians are federally accredited to provide the Certification of Veterinary Inspection, which is a legal requirement for all international travel. In order for us to award the certification, we must ascertain that your pet is healthy enough for the trip, they have no infectious diseases or parasites, and they are properly vaccinated. These are important factors to protect their health, the health of fellow travelers, and the ecosystem to which you are traveling.

Most airlines require proof of certification at least ten days before the trip, so preparation is key! We recommend also checking the USDA travel regulations, and if you are flying internationally, the regulations of the receiving country, to ensure there are no surprises before the trip.

In addition, it is a good idea to reach out to the airline about specific policies, and verbally confirm that you will be traveling with an animal before booking a flight. Some airline pet travel policies can vary, including what animals are allowed to travel with you in the passenger cabin, and what animals must ride in the cargo hold. It’s in your pet’s best interest to book a direct flight when possible to minimize stress.

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