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Laparoscopy is a cutting-edge procedure in which a small instrument, similar to a needle, is inserted into the abdomen to either view the organs or conduct a surgical procedure. This kind of surgery can be beneficial because the incision is smaller than typical surgery, where a scalpel is used. At Shawnee Animal Hospital, we are proud to offer laparoscopy as a minimally-invasive surgical technique because it is less painful than regular surgery, requires shorter recovery, and has a lessened risk of associated infections.

For viewing purposes, the device has a tiny light and video camera on the end. This allows the doctor to analyze and/or make precise motions for the surgery. For diagnostic purposes, laparoscopy is often used to perform biopsies on potentially diseased or cancerous organs or tissues.

Laparoscopy is useful for conducting procedures safely and effectively. Some examples of procedures that can be performed with laparoscopy include ovariectomy and gastropexy. An ovariectomy is a form of spaying which removes the ovaries, but not the uterus. A gastropexy can be life threatening for dogs who have developed or may develop GDV, or “bloat,” which is a life threatening condition that often affects certain large breeds such as the Great Dane.

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