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Every year, thousands of lost pets are brought to animal shelters or veterinary offices. Upon arrival, the first thing that the pet care professionals will do is check to see if the animal has a microchip containing their owner’s contact information. Would your pet be able to get home safely?

Many pet owners have tags for their pets to wear on a collar, but this method is not foolproof. Too often, pets slip their collars when frightened and running away, or escape at a time they are not wearing their tags, such as after a bath.

A microchip is the only form of protection that will be with your pet 24/7, because it is inserted underneath the skin, typically between the shoulder blades. The insertion process only takes a few moments, and does not hurt the patient any more than a routine vaccination. Some pets do not even notice being implanted with the microchip!

After your pet has a microchip, we will help you to fill out forms to send in so your contact information is associated with the chip in a national database. If your pet ever becomes lost, a veterinarian or animal shelter employee will use a special scanner to read the information. You will be contacted, and your pet will be able to end their adventure with a happy reunion.

Of course, once your pet is microchipped, we encourage you to continue your routine of having them wear their tags. The more forms of identification your pet has, the better their chances of being brought home!

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