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nutrition & weight management

Maintaining a healthy weight is a vital component of your pet’s total wellness. When dogs and cats become overweight, they are at a greater risk of developing weight-related diseases, such as diabetes or arthritis. Their life expectancy is notably shorter, and it is hard for them to run and play as their heart desires. Approximately one out of three pets in America are obese or overweight, so this is a prevalent concern. But you do not have to face it alone! At Shawnee Animal Hospital, we can help by offering professional advice, special clinically proven metabolic foods, and healthy diet plans to help your pet get trim.

Your veterinarian will help you pick an appropriate diet and portion sizes for your pet. If we have a concern about your pet’s weight, we will work with you to make diet and exercise changes. We recommend that you avoid feeding your pet table scraps or human food. Even for pet’s that are not overweight, human food is not good for their teeth and digestive systems. Their bodies are not equipped to break it down and use it effectively, which can result in upset stomachs and food toxicities.

If your pet is on a special diet plan, do not feed them anything that is not on the plan! Even other types of pet treats. You, as their caretaker, have control over their nutritional intake, so help them feel their best them by supporting a healthy weight.

Nutrition can also be a vital tool for combatting a collection of different ailments such as thyroid disorders, cancers, diabetes, allergies, and more. If your pet has any chronic conditions, feel encouraged to ask your veterinarian about how diet can affect their symptoms.

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